About Us

Design matters because we do not live in caves anymore


People recognize us as one of the top architecture companies in Bangalore.

We at A 360 architects and luxury home interiors are a team of design professionals dedicated to creating spaces which are so you!!!!
Meet our senior designer Subhash Saraff and understand what a good design with that wow factor!!! Is all about!!!

We do not have any pre-set packages!!!
We do not have any experience centers!!!
Design is not fast food easy!! and convenient.
It’s a religion, worship, belief, a passion. There is no one size fits all !!!

Endless meetings, discussions, site visits with our crazy design team and then we create what is best for you, keeping in mind your likes dislikes functionality and budget of course. But yes, The secret ingredient the X factor and the entire space drama!!! is created by the expert Subhash himself. So this is how you achieve your swank!!! enviable!!! spaces which you can never find in the best design magazines design apps or anywhere on the net because they are designed from scratch just for you.

So do not fall prey to businessmen turned designers with absolutely zero design sensibilities. Your spaces do not need the best available packages, frills, and fancies or a huge design team full of inexperienced design freshers. Your spaces need to be understood. What they want! Only an expert can do justice to them with vision par excellence. Come visit us.

And connect with us the Top Architecture Companies in Bangalore, See how our small studio is brewing with fresh ideas and how masterpieces are being created, Soak in the rain of perfection.

We….love…. to…. C R E A T E !!!


Subhash Saraff

Senior Architect

Subhash is in the field for over 20 years of qualitative & rich experience as an Architect. Expertise in designing, planning, monitoring and co-ordinating multidimensional projects. Subhash founded A360 architects in the year 2000 and since then he has successfully completed many projects.

Parul Saraff

Interior designer

Handling client relations, marketing and business development.

Our Mission


We are a group of professionals dedicated to the entire design process working in tandem with connoisseurs of various expertise.

Enthusiasm, talent and aptitude necessary to fulfill such varied requirements is what we strive to achieve.

We believe our clients are entitled to a quality product, on budget and on time, and to a process that is smooth and supportive of their needs and objectives. Our responsiveness to our clients’ needs has led to ongoing, long standing relationships with clients that seek a team they can rely on to deliver continuing value.

Our Story


A360 is an architectural and interior design firm based in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.
A360 was founded by Subhash Saraff in the year 2000.

Here at A-360, we seek to realize, create and establish a living environment most suitable and appropriate to the function and design, the mechanical and philosophical, the visual and ethereal needs of the client.

Each project designed by us is a unique reflection of the client. Forms, materials, and colors are all influenced by the environment as well as the vision of the client. Aesthetics is always balanced with cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

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