ANAND REDDY’ S HOUSE  by A360 Architects

A space designed to enhance both the living and the home


This contemporary house commands attention with its veneered front walls and a stunning black marble porch entrance. The contrasting textures and hues employed in the design create a visually striking and modern aesthetic.

The veneered front walls add depth and sophistication to the house’s exterior, exuding a sense of elegance. The use of different textures creates an interesting visual play, enhancing the overall appeal of the design. The striking black marble porch entrance serves as a focal point, drawing the eye and making a bold statement.

In addition to the captivating design, the contrasting textures and hues add a dynamic element to the house’s overall aesthetic. The combination of different materials and colors adds depth and character, creating a visually intriguing and contemporary look.

In summary, this contemporary house stands out with its veneered front walls and a striking black marble porch entrance. The use of contrasting textures and hues adds visual interest and modern flair, making it a remarkable and unique architectural masterpiece.

Project Overview





40X 60

Project Goals & Expectations


A modern house in Bangalore, India, on a 40′ x 60′ plot of ground. A contemporary house with veneered front walls and a striking black marble porch entrance to grab attention, use contrasting textures and hues.

The inside of the house uses lines in the form of vertical and horizontal lines, which are the most prominent and pervasive elements of contemporary architecture. Usually, neutral hues are selected for these spaces. The double-height living room’s modern furnishings and massive chandelier give the space a royal aspect and make it seem larger.

The terrace was given a patio, which was furnished with planter boxes and patio furniture. The rooftop terrace seems like a vast outdoor patio and garden combined. To get closer to nature, create a seating area surrounded by greenery by taking use of a number of landscape design concepts. The parallel bar counter design consists of two counters that are parallel to one another and offer space for two persons to serve themselves comfortably.  The gorgeous marble surface has been complemented by the placement of traditional bar stools. To draw attention to the area.