A Home with a greater emphasis on modern design elements, relying less on traditional building principles. Characterized by subtle refinement, clean lines, intentional use of texture, and simplicity.


Koramangala, a neighborhood in downtown Bangalore, is known for its rare collection of independent houses that boast timeless beauty. Among these architectural gems, the Saxena residence stands out as a prime example of contemporary elegance. Situated in close proximity to the prestigious Koramangala club, this residence captures immediate attention with its striking facade, featuring a massive cantilever design that commands a second glance.

Beneath the impressive cantilever structure lies a G+2, 5-bedroom house that effortlessly blends modernity with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The residence is a harmonious fusion of sleek design elements and cozy living spaces. It embodies the perfect balance between contemporary aesthetics and comfortable ambiance, providing residents with a modern sanctuary to call home.

In summary, the Saxena residence in Koramangala is a testament to the enduring beauty of independent houses in downtown Bangalore. With its awe-inspiring cantilever facade and a harmonious blend of modern and cozy interiors, it stands as an architectural masterpiece within this sought-after neighborhood.

Project Overview





50 X 80

Project Goals & Expectations


One of the few neighborhoods in downtown Bangalore that can still brag of the beauty of independent houses is koramangala, a house of contemporary elegance. While there may be some fascinating ones to discover. ‘The Saxena’s residence’ with the plot area of 50’ x 80’, which is conveniently close to the Koramangala club, immediately jumps out. The stunning facade, which is made out of a massive cantilever, is what causes you to pause and take a second look. Underneath this cantilever is a G+2, 5-bedroom house that manages to be both modern and cozy at the same time.

The clients want a residence that would highlight the success of their business. A home that would seem beautiful in any situation, regardless of the time or location. The clients desired a setting that exuded a feeling of modern grandeur where they could host both Indian and foreign guests. The couple is well-traveled, so the house doesn’t conform to any one particular style or taste but instead has a modern, flowing feel to it.

The idea was to overhaul the interiors before moving in. The couple hired Subhash Saraff of A360 architects to carry out their concept for their house. The fact that it still shines out is a testament to the Saxena’s excellent taste and the architects’ skill to make it happen. A360 architects being one of the leading architecture and interior design firm in Bangalore. Modern house and residential project designs are A360’s area of expertise.