YELAHANKA HOUSE by A360 architect

A play of lines, planes and angles with a touch of contemporary style


Welcome to the house of intersection planes, a modern and highly functional residence designed with a captivating play of lines, planes, and angles. At first glance, the house exudes a sense of simplicity, but upon closer inspection, its intricate details and stunning appearance become apparent.

This modern and elegant home immediately captures attention with its unique architecture, emphasizing the importance of indoor-outdoor contentedness and visual connectivity. The balcony seating area is designed to be sleek and contemporary, seamlessly blending with the outside garden.

One of the most intriguing architectural features of the house is the roof, which is not only functional but also aesthetically distinct. The intersecting planes and steepness of the roof create a visually striking design. The extended roof provides seclusion and shade, protecting the outdoor space from the sun while allowing natural light to illuminate the home.

In summary, the house of intersection planes is a modern masterpiece that combines functionality with stunning design. Its unique architectural elements, emphasis on connectivity, and clever use of planes create a visually captivating and highly livable space.

Project Overview






Project Goals & Expectations


The house of intersection planes is designed to be a modern yet very functional house that was created based on the play of lines, planes, and angle. Although it appears to be quite basic, a lot of intricacy is necessary to give it its stunning appearance.

A modern, elegant residence that immediately grabs onlookers’ attention. The architecture of this home clearly demonstrates how indoor-outdoor connectedness and visual connectivity are important components. The seating on the balcony looks as basic and modern as possible and opens to the outside garden.

We believed the roof to be one of the intriguing architectural design features, because it is one of the most functional aspects of the any house. The home has emerged as aesthetically distinct given the steepness and the intersection of planes. The extended roof offers seclusion and also protects the outdoor space from the harsh sun, while enabling natural light to enter the home.