jungle vacation home bedroom pic

A vacation home designed to “Discover the serenity to nature’s embrace”.

Discover a charming vacation home nestled in nature, with a captivating thatched roof and rustic charm. Step inside to a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design, offering comfort and relaxation.

The innovative concept of connected rooms through a single deck enhances functionality and seamlessly connects with the surrounding environment.

The mesmerizing interior boasts warm wood elements and golden lighting, exuding elegance and enchantment. Outside, a beautiful garden awaits, inviting leisurely strolls and the sweet melodies of birds.

This tranquil retreat is the perfect escape to unwind, refresh, and create lifelong memories.

Project Overview




8000 sq. ft.

Project Goals & Expectations

A charming vacation home nestled in the heart of nature. As u step into this idyllic retreat, you will be captivated by its enhancing thatched roof and the rustic charm exudes from every corner. With its unique architectural design and tranquil surroundings, this vacation home promises an unforgettable getaway.

Step inside, and you’ll discover a world of comfort and relaxation. The interior design seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern amenities, creating a harmonious atmosphere. The spacious living area features, creating a sense of rustic elegance. Sink into plush sofas, unwind by the fireplace, or simply enjoy the company of loved ones in this cozy haven.

The vacation home is been designed with a concept of “Harmonious connectivity”. As there was a restriction on the site with the build up area, The concept of connecting different rooms of the vacation home through a single deck accomplishes just that. This innovative approach combines functionality, aesthetic appeal, and a seamless connection with the surrounding environment, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of their natural surroundings.

The combination of warm, natural wood elements and the soft glow of golden lights creates a truly mesmerizing interior design aesthetic. This design concept embraces the innate beauty of wood and enhances it with the allure of golden lighting, resulting in a space that exudes elegance, warmth, and a touch of enchantment.

The exterior property is a paradise waiting to be explored, to enjoy leisurely strolls through the beautifully kept garden and birds’ melodic tweeting.This vacation home provides the ideal escape, with a tranquil hideaway or a base to explore the nearby natural beauties. With its alluring thatched roof and tranquil atmosphere, this gorgeous retreat is the perfect place to unwind, refresh, and make lifelong memories.