JURI & AMIYA’S HOUSE  by A360 Architecture

A home that is filled with subdued grandeur, modern interior design features, and opulence.

Step into the world of modern luxury with this ultra-modern living room located in the prestigious Adarsh Palm Retreat. Designed to impress, the living room features a captivating blend of brown tones, gold accents, and sleek modern furniture.

The double-height design of the living room creates a sense of grandeur and allows ample natural light to flood the space. Towering windows or expansive window panels offer breathtaking external vistas and create an illusion of spaciousness. Neutral colors enhance the height of the room, creating an open and airy ambiance.

A striking chandelier or sculptural light fixture serves as a centerpiece, adding a touch of opulence and character to the room. These eye-catching elements draw the gaze upwards, making a statement about the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed within.

The accompanying deck provides ample space for family relaxation and is perfect for hosting unforgettable parties. With a sturdy pergola offering shade and seclusion, this outdoor oasis becomes a sanctuary. The meticulously landscaped garden adds to the overall aesthetic value and charm of the house, enhancing its visual appeal.

Experience the epitome of modern living in this exquisite space, where style, comfort, and elegance converge to create a truly remarkable environment.

Project Overview




40 X 60

Project Goals & Expectations

An ultra-modern living room with brown tones, gold accents, and stylish modern furniture, located in Adrash Palm Retreat with a plot 40′ x 60′ on a 6500 square foot piece of land.

The double height living room is designed with tall windows or huge window panels to ensure more natural light and ventilations, brings in external vistas, and gives the impression that the room is larger. Enhancing the height of the area with the usage of neutral colors. A large chandelier or the sculptural light fixture makes a statement about living in opulence. They lead the attention higher, occupy the vertical space, and give the room a lot of character.

With plenty of space for family relaxation, this deck is ideal for parties and exudes a carefree and cozy atmosphere. A strong pergola has been designed to provide shade seclusion, and a haven feels in the outside area. The garden greatly enhances the aesthetics value and charm to the house.