Mr. Jagadeesh’s Home

Mr. Jagadeesh’s Home by A360 architect

A contemporary residence with a coherent look and a mix of purposeful approaches.

Welcome to this beautiful house located in Bellary, nestled within a residential community. As you enter, you’ll notice the charming pergola above the parking area, creating an intriguing pattern that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

The double-height living room ensures ample ventilation, perfect for the hot climatic conditions of the area. The dining area features captivating wall paneling, seamlessly connecting to a deck that overlooks a landscaped area with a soothing pond, providing a cooling effect.

Thoughtful design is evident throughout the house, with each space tailored to meet the users’ requirements. The master bedroom exudes luxury with its hardwood flooring, brass patterns, and elegant accents. The older daughter’s room boasts turquoise tones and a lavish walk-in wardrobe in the bathroom. The younger daughter’s bedroom features pastel pink hues, brass framings, and an adorable walk-in closet.

For entertainment, there’s a home theater with enhanced acoustics thanks to leather panels. The patio area is adorned with beautiful landscaping and interactive seats, creating a perfect spot to relax.

This entire project emphasizes good lighting and ventilation, taking into consideration the climatic circumstances of the area.

In summary, this house in Bellary showcases thoughtful design, luxurious elements, and a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. From the pergola-adorned entrance to the well-designed bedrooms and entertainment spaces, every aspect of this home has been carefully crafted to create a comfortable and visually stunning living experience.

Project Overview




49.5 X 78.9

Project Goals & Expectations

Located on a linear site within a residential community in Bellary This project’s plot measures 49’5″ x 78’9″ and has a north entry.

The pergola above creates a lovely pattern in the parking area. The double height of the living room allows for better ventilations for hot climatic conditions. Dining area with an intriguing wall paneling, connecting a deck that looks out over a lovely landscaping area with pond that provides a cooling effect for the area. Each space is thoughtfully created based on the requirements of the users.

The master bedroom has a luxurious appearance with the use of hardwood and brass patterns and accents. The plan for the older daughter’s room features turquoise tones for the room’s furnishings and a luxurious walk-in wardrobe in the bathroom. The bedroom of the younger daughter features more pastel pink hues, brass framings, and a lovely walk-in closet. Look for a home theater that has been improved with leather panels to provide the space’s necessary acoustics. Nice landscaping and interactive seats are positioned around the patio area. According to the climatic circumstances, the entire project has good lighting and ventilation.