A contemporary house often with minimalist appeal with necessary requirements.

Step into this exquisite modern home that stands as a true masterpiece of purposeful style. Every detail of this residence has been carefully curated to create a stunning contemporary setting.

As you enter, you are greeted by a living room that emanates tranquility with its soothing colors and double-height veneered ceiling. Intrusive wall paneling adds a touch of elegance, while a large chandelier adds a hint of glamour. The TV unit, featuring shelves with duco finishes, brings life to the room, complemented by a sleek center table and a captivating central rug.

The bedroom is a harmonious blend of Indian and modern design elements. The strategic positioning of elements, including open sections, allows for ample natural light while preventing excessive heat buildup. The bed’s placement and overall layout have been carefully considered to optimize comfort and functionality. The color palette further enhances the space, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

In summary, this beautiful house showcases purposeful style in a modern setting. From the elegant living room with its striking features to the carefully designed bedroom that combines cultural influences with contemporary design, this home offers a unique and captivating living experience.

Project Overview




45 X 75

Project Goals & Expectations

A home constructed in Bangalore on a 45′ x 75′ block of land. The modern home is a masterpiece that was painstakingly created and incorporates purposeful style in a modern setting.

The living room, which is next to the entryway and has a double-height veneered ceiling, greets visitors with its tranquil colors. Moreover, the room features intrusive wall paneling. A large chandelier gives the room flair. The TV unit, which features shelves holding items with duco finishes, brings life to the room. The sleek center table and central rug are signature items, while the black The direction of the bed and the strategic positioning of elements, such as open sections, allow for enough of light while limiting direct heat buildup. The layout of the bedroom and its color palette combine Indian and modern design elements.