School in bellary by A360 architect

Expanding Horizons: Where Learning Thrives in Shared spaces

This beautiful house project seamlessly blends the old and the new, creating a harmonious environment for learning and interaction. The addition of a new G+1 horizontal block enhances the existing campus building, promoting casual contact and fostering conversation among students and faculty.

At the heart of the school’s layout are two spacious double-height lobbies. One lobby exudes a formal and imposing atmosphere, while the other offers a more relaxed setting, reminiscent of an amphitheater. These lobbies serve as gathering spaces where students can connect and engage with one another.

A prominent staircase runs through the building, effortlessly connecting all floors and facilitating movement within the space. The classrooms are strategically positioned to overlook the design studio, creating a cohesive and integrated learning area.

Both the horizontal block and the existing campus building share essential spaces such as laboratories and the library, further promoting collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

This architectural masterpiece combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing a stimulating and inspiring environment for education and creativity.

Project Overview




Project Goals & Expectations

By incorporating a new G+1 horizontal block that creates the conditions for causal contact and conversation, the project is organised around the existing campus building. With the help of two spacious, double-height lobbies, the horizontal block’s 15 classrooms, a few laboratories, and library can engage with one another.

The school’s layout is centred on two enormous double-height lobby areas, one of which is a formal, massive space, while the other is a more relaxed area with an amphitheatre-like structure. A huge stairway runs through the building connecting all floors, and the classrooms look over the studio to create an integrated design area. Both the horizontal block and the current campus building continue to share the laboratories and library spaces.