Practical Vastu Tips for Home – An Ultimate Guide

This is a dream of everyone to have a beautiful house of their own. If you are also planning to construct, move or purchase a new house, then there are Vastu Tips for home that you must take into consideration.

This post “Practical Vastu Tips for Home – An Ultimate Guide” will help you understand what is Vastu Shastra, why it is important, and what are the practical Vastu Tips for Home that you must follow.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of buildings and architecture. This helps in making an affable setting for a place to live and work in a most scientific manner.

Literally, Vastu Shastra is a combination of art, astronomy, astrology, and science for designing and building. It explains the principles of design, layout, measurement, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry.

Vastu is the science of directions that combines the five elements of nature and balances them in such a way to enhance the health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness in that space be it home or office.

Importance of Vastu Shastra 

Vastu Shastra is based on the fact that all the things in the universe have a level of energy. Also, that every land or building has a vibration of energy connected with it.

This universe is formed of positive and negative energy. Vastu Shastra aims at removing negative energy and enhancing positive energy. That is why Vastu Shastra is very important.

There are several benefits of Vastu Shastra as mentioned below:

Let us understand this with the benefits of incorporating Vastu Tips for your home construction, building, or purchasing.

  1. Brings financial prosperity.
  2. Academic Growth and Development.
  3. Promote Career Stability.
  4. Helps in improving healthy relationships.
  5. It helps you maintain good physical and mental well-being.

The list is not limited to only the above benefits but there is much more which can be achieved following Vastu Tips.

Directions in Vastu Shastra

The four directions play a major role in Vastu. Primarily the energies enter through the main door of the house. That’s why the direction for the home, it is facing is very important. This direction determines the Vastu for that property.

All four directions have their own unique features that are considered different and auspicious. That’s why for each direction one needs to follow a different guide that works for that particular direction.

The Elements in Vastu Shastra

This universe is made of five elements as per Vastu Shastra. These elements are earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Prithvi – Earth:

The earth element provides stability, grounding, and patience. Earth dominates the diagonal and center directions of every space.

Jal – Water:

Water is considered the vital element of human sustenance. It is associated with health and immunity and dominates the north and northeast.

Agni – Fire:

Fire represents energy, wealth, confidence, and success. The element dominates the south direction of the space.

Vayu – Air:

The air element represents fun, happiness, and communication. This element dominates the northwest zone.

Akasha – Space:

The space element represents cognitive energy and mental space. This element is responsible for all kinds of social energy and dominates the central space.

Vastu Tips for Home

Below are the Practical Vastu Tips for Home in respect to the room placements:

 Master Bedroom

master bedroom as per vastu

The bedroom is the place where you get the rest. It is room to relax and calm down so you can acquire energy to carry out another new day. So it is very important that this space is peaceful and calm. Hence the master bedroom should be in the southwest zone of the home.

Ensure that the bed in the bedroom should not be placed beneath a beam of the slab.

If in case the South West is not available then consult for the best placement of the master bedroom.

Children’s room

kids room vastu

The most suitable direction for a kid’s room is northwest, as this zone boosts academics and education. For every parent, the children’s growth, development, and education are the main criteria. Hence the placement for the kids’ room is very important.

It is better to avoid the south zone completely and avoid items like T.V., Music System, Big Mirror, etc. in the room which can distract kids.


kitchen vastu tips

It is the place where the meals for the whole family are being cooked. And hence it is the heart of the house. The room is mainly connected with the element fire. Therefore it is advised that the kitchen should be located in the south zone and mainly the southeast for the best results.

One can consider the west corner too, in the non-availability of the south zone.

Living room

vastu tips for living roomThe living room is also an important space where family and friends get together to spend time or socialize.

East of the northeast direction, followed by the northeast is the most suitable direction for the living room. The living area should not have any doors connecting to the internal rooms.

Guest room

The guest room can be one of the spare bedrooms which should be comfortable. Make sure it is in the southwest direction of the home.

Dining room

vastu tips for dining room

The dining room is a place where the whole family sits together to enjoy food. So it should be in the west zone. However, most areas such as the north, south, and east zone are fine but always avoid the southwest zone.


vastu tips for bathroom

The wrong direction of the bathroom can create negative energy. Hence the right position of the bathroom is very necessary. The right zones for bathrooms are south of southwest, west of northwest, and east of southeast.

It is also to be noted that bathroom doors should be in a single frame and should remain closed.


The storeroom is a place to keep the extra items that we don’t need immediately. It is also believed that old unused or unnecessary things kept over time attract negative energy. That’s why the things that are of no use anymore are best to be given away or recycled. The right place for the rest of the items like pantry storage, luggage, and other things is the northeast corner.

Final Words on Vatu Tips for Home

However, the Vastu Shastra cannot be summed up in a few words or pages. It is actually a detailed subject that needs depth, learning, and understanding. The applicability varies from house to house and even room to room. Hence it would always be better to consult a Vastu expert or an architect who considers Vastu in his designing and planning for the correct energy alignment of any home.

But I am sure the points I covered in “Practical Vastu Tips for Home – An Ultimate Guide” will give you an idea about basic Vastu Tips. This will help you understand some basic Vastu Tips for a home when looking for a house to buy, rent, or purchase.

We at A360 Architects always consider the above Vastu Tips for home while our Architecture and Interior Designing Services. You can fix up a consultation call to discuss your dream project.


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