V & B HOUSE by A360 Architects

A modern home with a consistent style and a variety of deliberate design elements.

Welcome to this magnificent house that seamlessly blends unique design elements with the client’s identity, goals, and personality. Step inside and experience the artistry that defines every corner of this beautiful home.

The puja room, accessed through double doors adorned with fluted glass, exudes understated elegance. Paneling in a veneer finish serves as a backdrop, creating a serene atmosphere. A wooden staircase adds an intriguing touch, leading to the upper space.

In the bedroom, simplicity meets aesthetic appeal with an abstract backdrop behind the bed. The design is uncomplicated yet visually pleasing, providing a relaxing sanctuary.

Near the dining area, a marble wall panel with soft lines adds a touch of sophistication. The dining room’s patio reflects tranquility and incorporates vernacular architectural elements.

Large windows throughout the house ensure ample ventilation and natural light, creating a bright and welcoming environment. The overall furnishings harmonize perfectly with each room, completing the cohesive and tasteful design.

In summary, this beautiful house is a testament to the successful fusion of unique design and the client’s individuality. From the serene puja room to the aesthetically pleasing bedroom and the tranquil dining area, every element has been thoughtfully crafted to create a harmonious and inviting living space.

Project Overview




6500 sq. ft.

Project Goals & Expectations

A 6500 square foot house in built in Bangalore. A magnificent house that beautifully and successfully combines our unique design with the identity, goals, and personality of the client.

The puja room is accessed by a double door made of wood with fluted glass; the space has been kept understated with paneling in a veneer finish as a backdrop. An element of intrigue is added by a sight of a wooden staircase going to the upper space. With an abstract backdrop behind the bed, the bedroom has been meant to be uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing. A marble wall panel with design mellowed out by soft lines, near to the dining space.  The dining room’s patio reflected the tranquility of the space creating a vernacular architectural element. Large windows have been installed to ensure there are enough amounts of ventilation and lighting in the house. The overall furnishings harmonize with the room.