V & K HOUSE by A360 Architects

A modern home with the necessities inside, frequently with a minimalist aesthetic.

Welcome to this beautiful home in Bangalore, where contemporary architectural techniques and Vastu concepts harmoniously blend to create a serene and classy living environment. The house is designed with an emphasis on modern aesthetics, visual connectedness, and adherence to Vastu principles.

Large windows and lovely balconies allow an abundance of natural light to fill the rooms, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The formal living room exudes elegance and tranquility, providing a space for relaxation and entertaining.

The design of the home focuses on connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. The extended deck next to the dining room provides a basic and contemporary area that extends to the garden, enhancing the sense of connectivity and harmony.

In the intimate area of the house, veneer ceilings and storage cabinets with a TV unit add character and a warm ambiance. The interconnected living room, dining area, and kitchen create an open and spacious feel, making the room appear larger. Contemporary furnishings and golden lighting accents further enhance the regal appearance of the space.

In summary, this beautiful home in Bangalore showcases a perfect balance between contemporary design, Vastu principles, and visual connectedness. With its abundance of natural light, serene living areas, and elegant touches, it provides a welcoming and luxurious living experience.

Project Overview




3500 sq. ft.

Project Goals & Expectations

A 3500 square foot home in Bangalore was constructed using contemporary architectural techniques and vastu concepts. Offered a huge window and lovely balconies to let natural light into the room. Built a room with a formal living motif that is serene and classy.

The primary considerations in the design of the home were vastu principles, modern aesthetics, and visual connectedness. The extended deck next to the dining room, which extends to the garden outside the home and was created to be as basic and contemporary as possible, demonstrates how the indoor and outdoor spaces are connected in the design.

The intimate area is surrounded by veneer ceilings, storage cabinets with TV unit, and these elements give the room character and a homey feel. To provide the impression that the room is larger, the living room is interconnected to the dining area and kitchen. The contemporary furnishings and the golden lighting give the space a regal appearance.