Damp Proofing is the name given to the protective layer which is placed between the property and the external ground. The name of DPC indicates the function played by it independent of the materials used for providing a damp proof course.

1- Rain penetration 2- Level of site 3- Condition of climate 4- Improper orientation of the building 5- Construction joints in the structure 6- Use of low-quality construction materials 7- Soil drainage problems 8- Entrapped moisture during concreting 9- Low-quality concrete used

1- The ingress of moisture from the walls 2- The growth of termites and breeding of mosquitoes may occur 3- The warping, buckling, and deforming of woodworks may occur 4- The excessive presence of moisture in the building may result in efflorescence 5- The dangers of short circuits may increase

1- ATSM D41-78 2- ASTM D2103-81 3- BS 747-77 4- BS 1521-72 5- BS 4016-72

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