Spray eco-friendly fire retardants in areas that are most prone to fire in your home. These chemicals either slow down the spreading of fire through a chemical reaction or create a barrier between the fire and your home.

When building or remodeling your home, consider using dual pane windows, especially if you live in areas prone to wildfires. Windows break when exposed to intense heat. Consequently, they expose your home to fire. Double pane windows also beef up your residential security.

A fire extinguisher can mean the difference between fire containment and a huge loss. There are different types of fire extinguishers, depending on the kind of fire they are meant to put off. When choosing a home extinguisher to ensure it has an ABC rating.

Installing smoke alarms is one of the excellent ways of boosting your residential security. The alarms end you an early warning in case a fire breaks out inside your home.

Another great way of making your home fireproof is by using fire-resistant plants. Avoid barks and highly flammable plants such as pine, cedar, and tall grass. Cherry, birch, and poplar trees tend to be more fire-resistant.  

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