Don’t Build Your Dream Home Without Hiring an Architect!!

We all have so many dreams for our homes. Whatever your dreams big or small, for a small house or for a villa, don’t build your dream home without hiring an architect.

Choosing and hiring the right architect who you can constructively team-up with will make enacting your vision a great deal at ease.

Why should you hire an Architect?

why should hire an architect

An architect is a professional who has the qualification, training, experience, and right vision to guide you through the entire journey of building your dream house. He will be with you during the design and construction process. He is the one who will help you get to save the most of your construction cost without compromising on your dream home design and quality.

Architects have the ability to see a big picture which you can’t see it. They create the whole environment along with the interior and exterior. Don’t think they just design the walls and roof of a house but they satisfy the functional requirement and create dynamic and exciting spaces in which to work and live.

An architect is the one who will guide you whether you are building from scratch, adding on, or modifying your existing home.

A lot of work like working with contractors and other professionals involved in construction are there. Here your architect will help you and end up with a well-designed home that meets your needs while keeping in mind your budget and time frame.

Broadly an architect can help you in ways as mentioned below:

  1. Architects Solve Problems

When you plan to construct, renovate or modify your home it all starts with a need or want. These may be like “I need more space in my kitchen”, “we’ve outgrown our home”, “kids need space for a big study table” etc. For all these the architects are there to solve your problems, that too in creative ways.

An architect is obviously the person who is trained and specialized in doing so. They have a broad knowledge of design and construction so they can provide you several options and alternatives that you might hardly think of on your own.

An architect can help you will creating more space in your existing home, design an office that meets your requirement and needs today and can be modified tomorrow for a bigger team, renovating your old house with a new look, and so on…

Even if you are tight on budget, the architect looks for ways to execute your project in a cost-effective way.

  1. Architects Can Save You Money

People think of saving money by not hiring the architect for their dream projects. But the investment you make for architect’s services is not an added cost to your project.

Let me tell you the reason why? Because:

  • A well-conceived assignment or project can be built more economically and efficiently. Architects design your project with you. Your mind will keep on evolving with many ideas and definitely the changes during the construction will cost you very high. So it’s always better to make changes on paper and the architect is the person to give you the best idea based on your need. Also if you have proper and thorough drawings it will be easier for the contractor to price and build your project precisely.
  • An architect is experienced enough to keep in mind the factors to save your bills on electricity over time. He can design your project in a way to let in most of the natural light. Provision for solar energy for your electricity generation, rainwater harvesting, and many such little things that can reduce your heating, cooling, water, and electric bills.
  • The architect can help you work in your budget by selecting the right materials and workmanship at a genuine rate. They develop the drawings and specifications to help you get the right to bid for construction commensurate with your needs.
  • An architect will guide you in selecting and buying materials that are beautiful and durable too. This will save the cost of frequent maintenance and replacement. Architects are up on the advances in brickwork, roofing, floor tiling, paint finishes, and other related items. Since they possess the full knowledge in their field so their suggestions will surely be going to bring the appropriate materials for your project.
  • We all know that a good design sells. A well-designed project has a higher resale value. Showroom or store that are well designed attracts more customers. A well-designed office attracts employees and enhances productivity.
  1. Architects Can Make Your Life Easier

It’s undeniable that building is a long process. It may be disruptive and messy too, especially if you are living or working in a space that is under construction. But if you hire an architect, he will take care of every detail pertaining to your project.

Your project might need some engineering or other design services but you find it difficult to deal with the respective team. Here your architect will help you in coordination and find out the best solution. He will also help in clearing complex building codes and zoning laws. If you are not able to find the right contractors as per your requirements, he may help you with that too. He also ensures by visiting the construction site that the project is being carried out according to plans and specifications.

How To Find the Right Architect?

You must be having some sort of style, design, etc. in your mind for your project. So you need an architect who can understand you well. Obviously, each and every architect has his or her own style, approach to design, and ways or methods to work. If you know someone or taking the services earlier you can contact the same architect. But if you don’t know then you need to do a little exercise.

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

To do this little exercise, first, you need to think prudently about your building need and goals like:

  • Do you need more space?
  • Why do you need extra space, like for kids, kitchen, home office, etc?
  • What is your budget for this project?
  • How you are going to finance the project?
  • What would be the location?

Even if you have all the answers, the architect can help you clarify your goals precisely.

Now you need to start building a list of potential architects. If you like some projects of others you can get the list from there. You can get recommendations from your friend and relatives.

You can call each firm on your list and after describing your project you can ask if they are ready to take on your project. If they are ready, you can have a look at their previous projects or other details. Based on that you can narrow your list to two or three architects you will meet and discuss.

Meeting an Architect

Talking Chemistry

The meeting is important because it gives you chance to meet the people who will design your project. Here you can sense if the chemistry is right. Since you have to work with the architect for a long time so you need the person with whom you feel comfortable.

He will ask you some questions related to your project and in the same way you can ask about the design philosophy, interest in taking the project, budget, past projects, and references, etc.

During the course of the discussion, if there is something you don’t understand, ask the architect for the same. If you feel confused or if the architect doesn’t explain things in a way that you can understand, then he or she may not be right for you.

Making the Final Cut

Choosing the right architect is not like buying a car or electronic appliance which you can see and test. Here you can’t see the final product and test it out. Since the architect is not providing a tangible product but he is providing professional services. So the right architect will be the one who can help you by providing creative and technical expertise at a reasonable price. This way he will be the person who is going to realize your dream project keeping in mind your needs and budget.

How Architects Charge For Services?

There is no set fee for a specific type of project. There can be a number of factors, based on which fees are established like the type of project, nature, and number of services required, etc.

The most possible way of charging fees can be hourly rates, fixed fees, and percentage of construction costs, etc. Although the basis for the fee, the charges, and payment schedule are the matter for you and your architect to work out together.

Wrap Up

To write this blog “Don’t Build Your Dream Home Without Hiring an Architect?” I just want you to understand the importance and need of an architect.

If you are planning for your dream house, you must hire an architect. You can hire us as your Architect because we at A360 Architects visualize space as an entity, as a concept. Since we create those spaces from scratch we are able to establish a beautiful symphony of natural light, circulation, balance, composition, of various materials and textures, etc. All these elements are primary requirements for good interiors too which we can visualize.

So contact us now to know more about our services !!

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  1. I love what you said about an architect being the one to save construction money without having to compromise on the house of your dreams. We are helping my brother and his small family to create the home they have always wanted. They are specific in what will qualify as part of their ideal home. Some of their decisions are not going to be found in a house already standing. We will contact an architect before this summer to get started.


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